Kyle Courtright

Enabling brands to maximize ROI through conversion-driven design remedies.

I help alleviate those frustrations and anxieties that come with the territory of building an excellent visual brand. Design remedies that bring distinction and differentiation. Design that unlocks max ROI.

Busy founders and marketers allow me to take the reins on their visual brand, so they can focus on what they love doing and regain the freedoms they deserve. In the end, I hope to be known for serving folks well, building bridges and fully leaning into my creative craft with intentionality.

Expectation of Excellence

Courtright Design was a compilation of my passion for art and love of computers. With a thriving mowing business at the age of 15, the entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well at an early age. After graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2009 with a degree in Computer Graphics, my dream became more evident: I wanted to serve folks well through design.

From the onset, it’s always been my aim to treat folks the way that I would like to be treated. I strive for one thing–excellence. Excellence in listening. Excellence in providing value. Excellence in delivering the design results your visual brand requires. I’m an easy going guy, but I take it very seriously when you entrust me to come through for your brand. For most, this is your livelihood. For some, a way out of that 9-5 job. I get it. I’ve been there.

I’m confident that I can help grow your brand to that next level through high quality design remedies. Whether you need a logo, website, or marketing collateral, it’s my goal to seamlessly create a timeless, memorable and marketable design remedies that run in step with your vision. As a result, your brand will be established as a trusted, credible source for your current and potential customers.

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The Story

It was a dream. Funny thing about dreams – sometimes the person with the dream doesn’t even believe in the possibility of its achievement. This was the subconscious me. The dream?

1) Create… 2) Work from home… 3) Support my family.

It all started way back in 2010. I was newly married, moved across the country, and had no job. The website was love and the design in place by early 2011 – but where were the customers? Things were tight to say the least.

Life consisted of McDonald’s dollar menu dates with my wife and getting free WiFi from our apartment complex office. Working low paying 9-5 jobs was an obvious necessity. After work, I would come home, eat dinner, spend time with my wife and start work on building and marketing this business. 10pm-2am late nights were not unfamiliar. Sleep was too quickly followed by a loud beeping at 7:30am. Then, just rinse and repeat. The tools were limited–but exactly what I needed. A computer, internet connection, and passion to reach the dream. Armed with a new, self-taught knowledge on web design/dev, SEO and conversion optimization, clients began pouring in.

The demand quickly became overwhelming. The once faint, distant dream came into clear view. At the beginning of 2013, my wife and I sat down at a local burger joint and made the decision to go “cold turkey” and ditch the 9-5 job. The dream became a reality. We now have 3 kiddos and work full-time out of our home. That kind of freedom is a blessing I will never take for granted.

It’s been quite the whirlwind having the chance to work with organizations like Toyota, PayPal, Chipotle, Walmart, Entrepreneur, NVIDIA, NFL, USA Olympics, American Cancer Society, to name a few. Our work has been featured at the HOW Design Live Conference in Chicago, with 11 logos featured in the best-selling LogoLounge publication series.

In the end, I love helping build your visual brand to its maximum impact and potential. If you would like to get started on your project (or just say hi), please use our contact form and reach out today.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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