The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design (eBook)


  • A definitive, complete eBook: 109 pages, 20,000+ words
  • Valuable, practical insights you’ll actually use
  • Your questions answered: Pricing your logos, dealing with clients, mutually beneficial negotiations, and much more
  • In-depth tips and strategies that benefit both you and your client
  • Written by an experienced logo designer who has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations
  • No fluff. The original 30,000+ words were honed down to 20,000+
  • Timeless insights applicable both now and 500 years from now

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"The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design is the most complete, timeless resource I have read on logo design to date. Kyle's writing style is actionable, easy to read and has a conversational tone that outlines the keys to success based on his own experience working with hundreds of brands, big and small."

Jacob CassFounder, Just Creative

Meet the Author

A Bent Toward Logo Design

Kyle Courtright is a Branding and Identity Designer who loves helping fellow creatives reach their full design potential. As a representation of his passion for logo design, Kyle founded Logo Wave International, authored The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design and created the Logo Inspiration Generator Tool.

He’s had the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies and organizations including National Parkinson’s Foundation, New Mexico Homeland Security and American Cancer Society, to name a few. Aside from his design ventures, Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife and sons, as well as playing basketball, tennis and golf.

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This eBook isn’t based around theory or a set of hard and fast “rules” about logo design. It’s a guide for success — with your logo and brand in the spotlight.

vector_389_NEW-24It’s an actionable, easy read with a conversational tone, but also a complete, timeless resource to refer back to down the road.

It’s for designers who are just starting out and are thirsty to learn, as well as the seasoned vets who want to learn how to work with their clients more efficiently.

It’s also for freelancers. Those hard working types who have worked hard to build up their design business.

The original 30,000 words were chopped down to 20,000 to zero-in on quality. Who likes fluffy content anyway?

It strays from the cliché to highlight those actionable, proven methods I’ve learned along the way for a successful logo project.vector_399_NEW-10

As a logo designer and entrepreneur, I speak from both sides of the coin—providing tips, strategies and resources to help bring your logos to life. You’ll learn more about pricing your logo services, how to effectively align logo vs. brand, what makes a great logo and much, much more.

After creating logos for hundreds of brands—big and small around the world, I have come to learn what works and what doesn’t. Join me for an inside look at what (actually) works so client and designers will be humming in tune.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, freelancer, marketer or blogger, this complete, definitive guide will cover everything you need to know about logo design.

What’s inside the eBook?



How do Logo Design & Branding Coincide?

We already know the importance of logo design and branding. But how do they relate? How do your logos move perfectly in sync with the brand? Taking a laser-focused, elevated look will help answer pressing questions on logo and branding cohesion.



Finding Logo Design Inspiration

This chapter will give you helpful resources and tools to inspire your logo design projects. In effect, you will have everything you need to get relevant inspiration and feel more confident in developing your logos. Plus, we’ll take a closer look at a tool specifically created to provide your business with highly-targeted logo inspiration.



The Ideal Logo Designer

What does the ideal logo designer look like? In this chapter, you’ll learn the easiest ways to find where some of the best logo designers hang out online. You will also learn about the different tiers of designers to help up your logo design game. You’ll learn the common characteristics and habits of the best logo designers–insights you can implement today so you have more logo design clients tomorrow.



The Anatomy of a Great Logo Design

There are so many factors that play into a logo being defined as great. But why is that logo great? What literally makes it great (or not so great)? This chapter will show you commonalities of the very best logos, how to create that ‘wow’ factor and practical tips on the anatomy of a great logo.



Pricing Your Logos

It can be a tough question to answer. How do I price my logo design work? Sometimes the idea of getting a cheaply-priced logo supersedes the investment mentality. In this chapter, you will learn about pricing your based on what you’re worth. We will look at value-based pricing, establishing trust and tips on mutually beneficial negotiations.



Communicating Brand Vision

Now that you know how logo design and branding coincide (Chapter 1), we will take a closer look at brand vision. What’s the mission? What’s their primary differentiating factor? Who is the audience? Knowing the brand vision will only result in an effective, recognizable logo as continuous representation of the brand.



The Logo Design Process

Ah yes, the logo design process–it’s a beautiful thing! This chapter will take a rare, detailed overview of the logo process from both the designer and client perspective. You will discover a logo design process flow that will help take your logos to that next level.



Tips for Choosing the Right Logo

How do you know when that logo is ‘the one’? How important are others opinions and preferences? What are the myths of choosing that perfect logo? This chapter will lay out vital tips and tricks in choosing the right logo. In the end, you will have the knowledge to choose the best logo that fits the company.



The Deliverables

This chapter will outline and explain anything and everything about the final delivery of your logos. You will have a one-stop resource explaining the various logo design file extensions as well as a breakdown of DPI and resolution. We will also go over the different layouts of logos, how they are defined and the specific applications where that can be used.



Trademarking a Logo, Business Name or Phrase

This final chapter will give you a step by step, in-depth tutorial on how to get your logo, business name or phrase protected. Several resources and links are provided to help make trademarking simple and straightforward. We will cover the optimal time to trademark, common mistakes to avoid and how to research trademarks already in place.

Proven logo design tips & insights you’ll actually use.